Quick Action to Resolve Complaint

As a result of erratic weather in Bentong, the Bentong MP’s Office received a complaint from the family of Mr Ganesan, concerned that the access bridge to their home gets severely damaged every time there is heavy rain in the area. Original Condition of the Access Bridge Mr. Ganesan and his family were relieved and…


MP Bentong Futsal Tournament – Circuit 3 (DUN Pelangai)

Another four teams advanced to the next round of the Bentong MPs Futsal Championship. Away from the scorching heat, participants played in the indoor courts at Kg Baris, which was packed with participants and an enthusiastic audience. Out of the three circuits played so far, DUN Pelangai recorded the highest number of participation with 30…


Rice donations for families from Agropolitan Chemomoi

The Bentong MP’s Office donated 3 bags of rice for each family from Agropolitan Chemomoi. 64 families residing in the settlement were recipients via the poverty eradication program. The event was officiated by Pelangai Village Head, En Nasarudin.


School bags and stationery contribution

The Bentong MP’s office contributed school bags and stationery for the top students at Sekolah Agama Rakyat Nur Hidayah (PERKIM), in conjuction with the Khatam Al Quran Award Ceremony.


SJKC Perting & SJKC Khai Mun 2014 Excellence Awards Ceremonies

Dato Sri Liow Tiong Lai attended two Excellence Awards Ceremonies that recognised 63 and 83 recipients from SJKC Perting and SJKC Khai Mun (morning session) respectively. In his speech, Liow encouraged parents to be agents of unity, and to seed a sense of togetherness in their children. He also felt heartened to see a multi-ethnic…