SRS Kawasan Rukun Tetangga Perting & Kemansur Helping Police Maintaining Security

Bentong is no stranger to volunteer teams, the Bomba Sukarela Perting volunteer team was formed as early as five years ago and now there is the SRS Kawasan Rukun Tetangga Perting & Kemansur. The volunteer team has been actively working towards improving security in the new villages. The volunteer group veterans are delighted to see the formation of the new teams and will guide help them to fight crime together.

According to Lim Sang Hong, captain for SRS Kawasan Rukun Tetangga Perting & Kemansur, the patrol teams was formed on the 23rd September 2007 and currently comprise of 20 members. Lim added that his team patrols the villages twice a week in two groups of three members each. The first group starts the shift from midnight to 3am, and the second group takes over from 3am to 6am.

He stressed that strong neighbourhood ties and the looking out for each other mentality is a sure-fire way to prevent crime. He calls for every villager to forge better relationship with their neighbours and asks them to help look out for each other houses when they are away.

Lim cited a recent example where the patrol team members with the help from the residents successfully detained a suspect in Kg Perting who was believed to have robbed a  woman from China.

A few days later, the team foiled another attempt by two thieves to steal metal framework in broad daylight. The attempt was first discovered by a member of the volunteer patrol team and he quickly called for back-up from his team and the police.

“We have helped in the arrest of many suspects over the past five years, including motorbike thieves, burglars and petty robbers”

The patrol team not only worked closely with the police to fight crime, but also act as a bridge between the police and the residents, including helping residents make police reports. Lim understands that most people find it a hassle to make police reports, but he stressed the importance of police reports as they provide police with a clearer view of the actual situation of the local security. He also thanked all members on his team for selflessly sacrificing their time to protect the villagers.

Only 20 Persons Needed to Form a Volunteer Patrol Team. 3,000 Volunteer Patrol Teams Nationwide

5,740 Rukun Tetangga centres and 3046 volunteer patrol teams have been formed nationwide under the efforts of the Department of National Unity in Prime Minister Office. There are 367 such teams in Pahang. While in Bentong District, there are currently 47 Rukun Tetangga centres and 13 of them have already formed their own volunteer patrol teams.

Any group of residents can register their patrol team as long as they have at least 20 members aged 18 and above.

Volunteers who are civil servants can receive 4 hour exemption from work on the next working day if they are on duty from midnight for at least 4 hours.

Patrol team members will receive vests, caps, torch lights, whistles, rattan batons, first aid kits and raincoats. While on duty they would have to perform tasks equivalent to that of a Police constable but would need to obey the instructions from their patrol team captain. Volunteers on duty can also make a citizen’s arrest and hand over the suspects to the police.

According to the Rukun Tetangga Bill 2012 which was tabled for first reading at the Dewan Rakyat in April this year, volunteer patrol team members can stop and inspect any suspicious person or vehicles from entering their area to ascertain if they pose any threat. The bill also outlines action guidelines for the members.



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