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Most of the Bentong new generations are working or studying outstation, some of them even already settled down in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor or Negeri Sembilan with own family.

However, the youngsters abroad still care about their hometown, frequently share Bentong news and information through internet website and social networking services. It becomes part of their daily life and concern.

Bentong related websites and social networking services will be an in time information station during the upcoming 13th General Election. Regardless you are outstation voters or local residents, you can access to the MP and ADUN 、local newspaper and Bentong enthusiasts website anytime to get in touch with the latest election news and information. Even the candidates will join in to these platforms to communicate and exchange views with the voters.

Key in either "Bentong"or "文冬" in Google search engine or Facebook,you will see a lot of Bentong related results, include politic, economic, culture, education, new villages, tourism spots, etc. No matter where you are, with internet online facilities, you will be able to keep in touch with all kind of interesting Bentong news and information.

Follow the Election News

Under Bentong Parliamentary seat, there are 4 state assembly seats, which are Bilut, Ketari, Sabai and Pelangai. Furthermore, both Member of Parliament cum Minister of Health Dato' Sri Liow Tiong Lai and Bilut State Assemblyman cum Pahang Exco Member Dato' Ho Khai Mun have their  facebook webpage, and use it actively to not only communicate with voters and supporters, but also sharing the federal, state & local government policies, news and development up to date.

With "Maju Bentong!" website (a community website supported by Dato' Sri Liow Tiong Lai), Dato' Sri's official website and facebook, these 3 online platforms presented in form of pictures, texts, video and message wall, have provided the latest variety of news to voters and Bentong people, encouraged Bentong people to work together with the MP toward a better and "Maju" Bentong.

Besides of MP and ADUN facebooks and websites, local reporters from 3 main Chinese newspapers, Sin Chew Daily, The China Press and Nanyang Siang Pau also registered their own facebook webpage, sharing the latest news in Bentong.

Another facebook webpage "I Bentong" managed by a group of Bentong youngsters,is another alternative information station up to date for Bentong youngsters abroad.

● Maju Bentong!

Sponsored by Minister of Health cum Bentong MP Dato'Sri Liow Tiong Lai, Maju Bentong! is in Chinese, English and Malay version, frequently updates the residents and outstation youngsters with Bentong current situation, latest news and local development.

The website also reported different topics and feature write ups; include a lot of pictures and videos, introducing 15 new villages in Bentong District,Bentong scenery and attractions, as well as social, economic, cultural and educational activities and celebration, etc.

You can also find the e-copies of the popular New Media Bentong in this website. The website is links to email, facebook and twitter for comments and complaints.

● Liow Tiong Lai official website

Dato' Sri Liow Tiong Lai official website divides to several components, such as Liow profile, press releases, news, columns, activities and events.

The website named in Chinese "咬定青山", set up since the General Election in 2008, and actively update with various information till now. This website also linked with other Liow and Bentong related website, facebook and twitter.

"咬定青山"is the stand of Liow since he was elected as MCA Youth National Chairman, means be responsible, no provoke and persistent.

● Liow Tiong Lai facebook

Dato' Sri Liow Tiong Lai facebook has accumulated more than 12,000 likes. As MP and Minister, his facebook mainly reports his daily activities, constituency and ministry policies.

Facebook is also interaction platform for Liow with voters, comments on current issues, and discussion between supporters from both BN and PR, also swing netizens.

● Bentong Pahang facebook

Facebook which is believed related with The China Press, with more than 5000 friends, mainly sharing news and current issues, includes local news, government policies and political analysis. Bentong people can get the latest news and even sudden occurrence at first hand through this facebook webpage.

Statistics show that the likes pressed are nearly 4000, and the weekly reachable users are near to 20,000. This is a popular facebook webpage for Bentong people.

● Bentongnews facebook

Facebook managed by Sin Chew Daily local reporter is updated with various news and information in Bentong, and current issues commentaries. Now with more than 3,600 friends, actively reporting and sharing Bentong related information in social economic, politic, culture, education and Chinese association.

● 文冬姜facebook

This is a Nanyang Siang Pau local reporter managed facebook, with picture, caption stories and newspaper cutting, easy for people to read and understand.

● I Bentong facebook

Facebook set up by a group of Bentong youngsters, showed their concern to the hometown. Since started in November 2012, up to today already accumulated more than 1500 likes.

The contents in webpage are not only news,MP and ADUN activities details, but also the caring activities joined by youngsters and Bentong gourmet foods and local products. This webpage acts as Bentong social and tourism website as well.

● Adnan Yaakob facebook

The Chief Minister of Pahang Dato' Sri Adnan Yaakob official facebook webpage, until now has more than 9200 likes. Adnan Yaakob is also Pelangai State Assemblyman,but his main concern in facebook is the whole Pahang in overall.

He is sharing Pahang State Government important policies and news with facebook friends, and interacting with Pahang people through this channel.

● Hoh Khai Mun facebook

Facebook webpage for Pahang Exco Member cum Bilut State Assemblyman Dato' Hoh Khai Mun is newly set up in November 2012.

Contents include his visit to constituency, people livelihood, government program and also Bilut latest development.

● Mca Div Bentong facebook

Mca Div Bentong facebook webpage mainly is news and photo albums, includes MCA's MP of Bentong Dato' Sri Liow Tiong Lai, Bilut State Assemblyman Dato' Hoh Khai Mun, MCA division activities and news. The webpage also share current issues for Bentong people discussion.

● Mca Youth Bentong facebook

Mca Youth Bentong facebook has more than 3300 friends, sharing and discussing current issue, political news and analysis as to give a true account of the facts and create political awareness among the youngsters. Most of the friends in this webpage are youngsters.


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